Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Someday List

So I am sitting here thinking of all the things that I wanted to do in my life and all the stuff I still want to do , and I thought it would be appropriate to create a bucket list, well actually add on the bucket list that I have laying around in a notebook forever. I am always thinking of things I want to do before i die so here it is

Shante's Bucket List

1. Parasail
2. Send a message in a bottle
3. Own a log cabin in Colorado
4. Move in to Colorado
5. Go to the Olympics
6. Go sailing
7. See the ball drop in Times Square
8. Travel to all 50 States
9. See the Wonders of the World
10.Ride in a hot air ballon
11.Shower in a waterfall
12.Swim with the dolphins
13.Have a Beach Wedding
14.Take a photography class
15. Rent a beach house for the summer with my 5 closet friends
16.Be in love like the people in the movies
17.Go see a psychic and have my palm read
18.Go stay in an expensive hotel and order room service
19.Watch the sunrise and set on the same day
20. Sign up for a cooking class
21.Ride in a helicopter
22.Go snowboarding and skiing
23.Ice skate in central park
24.Have a book published
25.Go to Italy ,Paris, England, and Spain
26. Go to a book signing for each of my top 5 favorite authors
27.Own a Range Rover
28.Run a marathon
29. Go horseback riding
30. Go on a picnic
31.Take a dance class
32.See the northern lights
33. Go on a vacation by myself
34.Go snorkeling
35.Fly first class
36. Ride on a train
37.Go to a famous art museum
38.Be Kissed in the rain
39.Go to Disneyworld
40.Name a star
41.Ride a gondola in Venice
42. Go white water rafting
43.Attend a movie premiere
44.Attend the inauguration of a president
45.Go to Salem for Halloween
46. Go to a spa and get a mud bath
47.Fall asleep under the stars
48.Tie a Cherry Stem in a knot with my tongue
49.Be Hypnotized
50. Be Debt free
51.Have someone write me a love song
52.Join the mile high club
53.Bury a time capsule
54.Take a pole dancing class
55.Be courted